Monday's Column: Zero-Sum Carbon Credit Ecopocrisy

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily is about Al Gore’s ecopocrisy, specifically as it concerns “carbon credits.”

Give a read to “Chilling truth about global warming hypocrisy” for the whole story.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Monday.

Reader mail

Here are a couple of letters from this morning’s mailbag.

Paul has a Gore-y poem for us:

Has been, wanna be, Al Gore(y)
Is not the same as you and me;
He burns carbon at both ends,
While condemning with a grin
Ordinary folk who have no jet to fly.

And Dave is trying to save the environment in Gore-like fashion:

A couple of months ago, I checked into Carbon Credits and found out some interesting things about it.

For just $32 a year, I can make my ½ ton Chevy Pickup Truck with a V-8 engine carbon neutral. That is all that it would take and for that money I would also get a bumper sticker saying that I am driving a vehicle that is carbon neutral.

The idea of being able to say that my Pickup truck is more environmentally friendly than a new Prius, is one that I am strongly considering and it would be hysterical too!

We could also make a fortune selling “This bumper sticker is carbon neutral” stickers for SUV’s.

Author: Doug Powers

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