Denying Certain Trademarks All the Rage in DC

Buckley F. Williams, frequent visitor to this site and operator of the well-done parody news site, sent me a little story that I thought I’d pass along.

Buckley and his co-satirist are the creators of “Islamic Rage Boy,” an eternally angry character that has taken the ‘net by storm. Because of the popularity of this character (I’d say “creation” but it’s based on a real guy), they copyrighted Islamic Rage Boy, but it’s when they tried to trademark it when things got wild.

Read the letter rejecting the trademark application written by some government lawyer. If this guy’s not on CAIR’s payroll, he should be.

The irony? “Islamic Rage Boy” is intolerant and inappropriate, but apparently “Evil Christians” does qualify for a trademark.

You can search the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for other approval inconsistencies here.

Author: Doug Powers

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