Have a Steak in our Future

Fresh from the “global warming being used as a means to many other activist ends” file comes this from Reuters. Your demand for steak is killing the planet. Please pass the A-1:

Eating too much red meat is not only bad for your health — it is also bad for the planet, according to scientists.

Worldwide, agricultural activity accounts for about a fifth of total greenhouse-gas emissions and livestock production has a particularly big impact because of the large amount of methane emitted from belching cattle.

Yep, the story implies that **all scientists agree (**except for the 500 or so who have published evidence refuting the “man made global warming” scare tactics and power grabs.)

So, eating too much meat causes global warming? I’m not sure about that, but I do know that eating too much causes global warmists:


Scientists say that Al Gore’s farts and belches are responsible for more of the world’s harmful greenhouse gas emissions than all of his heated pools, well-lit mansions and private jets combined

Author: Doug Powers

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