"Happy 9/11": Another Day, Another Hollywood Idiot

Barbra Streisand certainly has rubbed off on her husband, Mr. Barbra Streisand.

Appearing on a radio show last Tuesday, James Brolin was reminded of the anniversary of the terrorist attacks, and wished everybody a “happy 9/11” (audio here).

The hosts were a bit stunned by the display of flippant letist gobbledygook, but it was anything but surprising. Brolin’s one of those who believe the World Trade Centers were brought down by explosives planted by…somebody, presumably the government. I guess the jets were just added for effect. Appearing on The View last year — the program that is a repository for every nutcase, goofball, has-been and low-rent rich person in the country — Brolin mentioned a website that claims 9/11 was planned by the government.

So… even still, that makes it a “happy” day? These people are seriously ill.

The capper came during the Tuesday’s radio interview, when Brolin mentioned that a new movie is “a parody on how come we can’t catch war criminals with all our sophisticated stuff.”

And what happens when we try to catch war criminals with all our sophisticated stuff? The Hollywood left and all their nutty friends cry “rights violations!”

It’s clear that the Hollywood left does not want to win this ongoing war for the survival of our country as we know it. They really don’t. This always strikes me as somewhat hilarious, as among the first things to go will be freedom of speech and, most certainly, any artistic expression whatsoever. And those who would take this away are who the Hollywood left, people who make their fortunes because of freedom of speech and artistic expression, are fighting for?

Normally I’d get a kick out of watching people like Streisand and Brolin try to saw off the same branch they’re sitting on, the problem is that we’re on the same branch with them.


Dumb and Dumber — or is that the other way around?

Author: Doug Powers

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