Double Murderers for Hillary!

Apparently at some point during the summer, O.J. Simpson vigorously endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Now if Hillary can just get a nod from Charles Manson and the Menendez brothers she’s a shoo-in.

Why does O.J. like Hillary? Because she’ll slash corporate greed, hack away at obscene defense spending, take an aggressive stab at health care, and presumably shoot down the illicit sports memorabilia industry.

Here’s the endorsement that the Hillary camp has been waiting for. Fast forward through the annoying 30-second car ad at the beginning to get to the coveted endorsement (the fact that the ad isn’t for Ford Broncos makes me doubt the existence of the irony god that I’ve followed for so much of my life):

Update: O.J.’s bail has been set at $125,000. Sources tell me he plans to raise the money by writing “If I Did It II: Vegas Nights”

Author: Doug Powers

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