Jena, LA Braces for Influx of Attention Whores, Race Baiters, and Race Baiting Attention Whores

I’m guessing the people of Jena could make all this go away for, say, a nice check written to the Rainbow/Push Coalition:

For all intents and purposes, this small Louisiana town is closed today.

So too are its schools, businesses, and courthouse clerk’s office. A downtown car dealership has moved its inventory elsewhere. To many of the 3,000 who live here, there’s no use in trying to conduct normal affairs on an all-but-normal day.

Upward of 20,000 people are expected in the town today, and they’re not coming to sample its rural, central Louisiana charms. In an event reminiscent of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s, people across the nation are boarding buses and traveling through the night to protest what they see as an egregious example of racial injustice.

Six black teens — known nationally now as the Jena 6 — are facing serious criminal charges in the schoolyard beating last December of a white classmate, following an incident that occurred in the shade of a large tree at Jena High School, a spot traditionally reserved for whites.

Here’s what will be reported ad nauseum today:

The case gained national attention through black radio, newspapers, e-mail and Internet sites, and intensified this summer after Mychal Bell, 17, a star football player at Jena High, was convicted by an all-white jury.

And here’s what none of the “civil rights activists” in Jena will mention today:

At his July trial, Bell faced an all-white jury because blacks called to jury duty did not show up, Bell’s new lawyers said in court filings.

Interesting, but apparently irrelevant to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Incidentally, concerning his reaction to this mess, Jesse Jackson said that Barack Obama is “acting white.” How so, Mr. Jackson? Is Obama being railroaded by a scummy District Attorney in Durham, N. Carolina? Is he an innocent man accused of being guilty of rape by race-baiting, politically motivated “reverends”?

Author: Doug Powers

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