The Mapes of Wrath

Dan Rather and his former producer at CBS News, Mary Mapes, continue to insist the National Guard documents weren’t forgeries and to put themselves forward as innocent victims of the vast right wing blog conspiracy.

This is just getting pathetic and sad. Here’s Mapes’ piece today at the Huffington Post, which sucks up to Rather so hard that the Oreck XL people should get residuals. Near as I can figure, what Mapes is trying to say is that, though the documents might have been fake, the allegations weren’t, which essentially makes the documents real even if they’re not. Make sense?

Then Mapes goes on to chastize those who performed some forensics on the documents. How sad it is, she writes, that there were people out there actually examining the shapes of letters. I thought exactly the opposite — how sad that they didn’t do it. But then again, read Mapes on a regular basis and you’ll conclude that she’s anything but politically “objective,” which is what got her and Dan into trouble in the first place.

Dan Rather’s suing CBS for $70 million. Either Mapes has completely lost it or she’s angling for a piece of the action. Or perhaps the answer is “both.”


Author: Doug Powers

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