"Draft Gore" Petition Not Getting Enough Signatures, Climate Change to Blame

nullHere in Michigan, there’s a petition drive to get former veep and environmental crusader Al Gore on the ballot for the January 15th primary.

I saw one petitioner this afternoon on my way out of Home Depot. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sign the petition as I had my hands full with a new gas powered leaf blower.

Later on I found a news story that says the effort to collect the 12,396 signatures needed is indeed an uphill battle because they can’t find enough people to hawk the petition.

I don’t doubt it. It’s been unseasonably hot here in Michigan, and the petitioner I saw today was sweating like Larry Craig driving past a highway rest area. Standing in a parking lot collecting signatures just isn’t an experience that many wish to undertake.

In other words, if Gore doesn’t get on the ballot, global warming may well be to blame — which is of course all the more reason to draft Gore.

The Catch-22 here is too glaring to ignore.

Author: Doug Powers

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