Monday’s Column: On the Business Offensive

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily began with the news that Beaner’s Coffee, a large chain here in the midwest, would be changing their name, as “Beaner’s” can also be a disparaging term toward Hispanics.

This got me to looking around at the business world that surrounds us and trying to figure out what other potentially offending business names are right under our noses but have yet to be noticed.

Read “Beaner’s Coffee goes PC to avoid Hispanic offense” for the list of who might be next.

Update: The folks at Free Republic have some suggestions for other products and companies that have to change so nobody is offended. “Spic n Span”? Heh heh…


Debbie P. sent me her own story:

Earlier this month I visited Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and took a tour of the “Soo Locks”. One of the locks is named after Col. Orlando Poe – therefore making it the Poe Lock. Being of Polish decent I was deeply offended and hope that they change this immediately.

Oh the outrage!

Author: Doug Powers

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