Global Warming Not Politically Motivated (pause for laughter)

James Hansen, for those who are lucky enough to be ignorant of nth-degree meteorology and climatology, is the Chuck Yeager of the global warming theory and even makes Al Gore look like a paper hat clad trainee at “We’re All Gonna Die Burger.” Hansen is often quoted as a global warming “expert” and an unbiased scientist who has no axe to grind.

Really? I found this interesting, albeit not very surprising:

A report revealed just this week, shows the ‘Open Society Institute’ funded Hansen to the tune of $720,000, carefully orchestrating his entire media campaign. OSI, a political group which spent $74 million in 2006 to “shape public policy,” is funded by billionaire George Soros

Soros — a rare breed of Hungarian moonbat in Gabor sister male drag and the preferred self-hating uber-capitalist of vehement anti-capitalists everywhere — said in early 2004 that he’d give all his billions to see Bush defeated and has given millions to and other leftist groups. Now he’s funding “global warming studies”?

Everybody laughed when cigarette companies funded their own studies to determine whether or not smoking is dangerous. Have we lost our sense of humor for things like this? Don’t worry though, I’m sure Soros will fund a study to determine whether or not Hansen’s research is biased in order to silence any skepticism.


Author: Doug Powers

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