Chavez Stomps on Free Speech? Awesome! Totally Awesome!

Sean Penn appeared on the Letterman show Monday night and made false excuses as to why Hugo Chavez shut down a Venezuelan television station. At least he didn’t blame Bush.

Allahpundit over at HotAir describes the scene perfectly:

I’m too young to remember the far left apologizing for Soviet crimes but I did get a frisson of phantom nostalgia watching this useful idiot casually endorse the sort of authoritarianism that would have had him nailing himself to a cross if Bush had tried it.

Chavez’s shutting down of the television station didn’t exactly go the way Penn described it. You can tell Penn’s a disciplined professional actor, because he didn’t deviate from Chavez’s script one iota. You can almost see the cute little cartoon bluebirds fluttering around Penn’s head, can’t you? I get contact stupid just watching the guy.

At any rate, here’s the story behind what happened to Radio Caracas Televisión when freedom of speech was crushed under the jack-boot of Spicoli nirvana. Totally awesome!

Trivia Time:

Did you know…

Ever since Penn visited Iraq, the word “Sean” is now an Arabic term meaning “the dumbest guy in Iraq.”

Author: Doug Powers

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