Reid Between the Lines

nullThis Harry Reid vs. Rush Limbaugh flap is chillingly laughable, in a tragi-comedy sense.

Harry “we lost” Reid is, as usual, taking out of context “facts” to try and smear somebody so we might forget for one minute that he is an absolutely despicable political gasbag. If Reid wants to see somebody unpatriotic and demoralizing to the troops, he need look no further than his bathroom mirror, but then again, this is the reason for Reid’s actions.

I won’t go into the particular details of what Limbaugh said and attempt to parse words and contexts, because the reaction of Harry Reid is what deserves scrutiny no matter what it was Limbaugh said. After all, Harry Reid is the man in a position to fund or not fund our troops. Harry Reid is the man in a position to either place fear in the hearts of our enemies, or hope. All too often, it’s the latter.

Rush Limbaugh simply comments on these things, and people listen. This can of course be extremely dangerous—to Harry Reid.

In short, if Rush Limbaugh says or does anything reckless, he harms himself. If Harry Reid says or does anything reckless, he can harm a nation, and I believe he’s doing just that.

When it comes to accusing somebody else of not supporting the troops, Harry Reid is like a thief running out of a department store with a swiped flat screen TV who’s pointing and some kid and accusing him of stealing a pack of gum. This is a shameless distraction on Reid’s part to cover his own pathetic past of providing aid and comfort to the enemy, nothing more.

Can you believe the U.S. Senate and House are taking time to deal with drawing up resolutions denouncing and supporting, respectively, a private citizen with a radio show? Your tax dollars at work. What’s next, guys? A joint resolution ordering NBC to spend more money on sitcom R&D?

No matter what your opinion of all this is, you have to admit that Harry Reid accusing somebody of being unpatriotic and anti US troops is a bit like Britney Spears saying that Ashlee Simpson should be viciously bra-snapped for lip-syncing.

In the broader sense, every American of any political leaning should shudder at the idea of a man who holds a high political office using that position in order to silence the opinion of a private citizen — be it Rush Limbaugh, Air America or anything in between. This is the kind of political tyranny Americans have fought and died to prevent, and it is further evidence that Harry Reid is unfit for office.

Harry Reid is attempting to use his political position to silence the opinion of a private citizen in order to “defend our troops” — troops who are overseas fighting terrorist thugs so they don’t gain power and use that position to silence the opinions of private citizens. If that doesn’t give you an irony-induced belly laugh, nothing will. Harry Reid is a living, breathing example of “with friends like these you don’t need any enemies.”

Rush Limbaugh issued a challenge to Harry Reid to come on his program and have it out. My own challenge to Reid and many other Democrats can be summed up in a sentence: If you would act as if terrorists are half as dangerous to the future of America as Rush Limbaugh, we might actually make some progress in our national security.

If Rush Limbaugh ever gives up “the golden EIB microphone,” it shouldn’t be because an out-of-control politician hell-bent on silencing his detractors issued a totalitarian-esque decree—it should be because Limbaugh sold it, in an act of bipartisan charity, to pay for Mr. Reid’s straight-jacket and court-appointed psychiatrist.

Author: Doug Powers

Doug Powers is a writer, editor and commentator covering news of the day from a conservative viewpoint with an occasional shot of irreverence and a chaser of snark. Townhall Media writer/editor. alum. Bowling novice. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan. Contact: