Makin' Whoopi With Pelosi and Her Husband

Question: Whoopi Goldberg looks at you and says she wants to “do” you and your spouse.

Do you:

A) Throw up a little in your mouth

B) Run off screaming

C) Smile and give a little bit of a flattered giggle

If you’re Speaker of the House Nancy “code blinker” Pelosi, the answer is “C”. Granted, Pelosi always has a smile on her face, as cosmetic procedures by overcaffeinated plastic surgeons who don’t know their own strength have left her looking as if she always just stepped off the centrifuge at a NASA training facility. She acts flattered though. What politicians won’t do for a vote.

This has all the makings of a definite five-bagger (seven if Barbara Walters joins the fray — and she can if she wants as it’s stipulated in each performer’s contract):

Author: Doug Powers

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