Dead American Soldiers for Fun & Profit

A guy in Flagstaff, Arizona named Dan Frazier makes and sells t-shirts containing anti-Bush slogans superimposed over the names of almost all the soldiers who have died fighting for his right to be free to be a shameless bunghole.

There was an Arizona state law that made it a misdemeanor to sell items that use names of slain troops without permission, but yesterday a federal judge ruled that T-shirts displaying the names of slain American service members are political speech protected by the First Amendment, as is a shirt displaying the name of anybody for that matter.

Some people were bothered by the ruling, but not me. This is great news, because now we can start manufacturing and selling “Dan Frazier is a totally disgusting ass-clown” shirts. Pick one up in the lobby on your way out of the creepatorium.


Capitalism at its lowest, brazenness at its highest

Author: Doug Powers

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