Politician Pledges to Lick the Competition

Finally, an honest politician:

A city council candidate in Hialeah, Fla., is on the defensive after being criticized for referring to oral sex in one of his campaign slogans.

Hialeah City Council incumbent Jose ”Pepe” Caragol, 76, used the slogan “If you like oral sex, vote Caragol for council” as part of his campaign for re-election, The Miami Herald said Saturday.

Jose is expected to get plenty of votes, but there’s no telling how many of them will be disqualified as most of those expected 75 million people voting for Caragol don’t live within his district.

The closest comparison to this ad I’ve seen took place right here in Michigan during the governor’s race, when an ad by the Dick DeVos campaign featured a sound byte from Governor Jennifer Granholm saying, “in five years, you’re gonna be blown away.”

Caragol’s ad does a better job at satisfying our desire for immediacy, however.

Author: Doug Powers

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