Pathetic Old Hippie of the Day: David Crosby

Below is a video of David Crosby and Graham Nash on the Chris Matthews show. Crosby says that US troops are overseas “killing somebody else’s mother and sister” in retaliation for the killing of some of our mothers and sisters in terrorist attacks.

I was going to respond, but Charles at LGF says it all with this statement about the man who now thinks he’s Haight-Ashbury’s answer to Ghandi:

In the golden age of Woodstock, David Crosby and Graham Nash sang, “do do do do do, doot doot do-do-do-do.” Crosby nearly died from his prodigious cocaine abuse, but spent part of his fortune to jump ahead of the plebeians and get a transplant to stay alive. Who knows how many people were murdered in stinking Colombian hotel rooms, and buried in unmarked graves so he could stay high, 24 hours a day until his liver gave out?

Here’s the video, proof positive that wooden ships are sailed by captains with brains to match:

Author: Doug Powers

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