The Plot to Kill Randi Rhodes: Where Was Cheney?

When reports of Air America talk show host Randi Rhodes’ violent “mugging” in Manhattan on Sunday first made the rounds this morning, the left went berserk with assumptions that this could be a “hate crime” or a “vicious right-wing attempt to silence the liberal viewpoint.”

Rhodes even received offers of free dental work to fix her teeth that were no doubt ruined by a right-wing zealot. And while this news broke, where was the president? Selfishly discussing budget issues with an audience in Arkansas.

This “mugging” made a good story for finger-pointing purposes, but there’s only one problem — Rhodes wasn’t mugged. She fell down while walking her dog. One theory has the dog freaking out as they strode past a Korean restaurant, tripping its owner. Another theory says that Rhodes simply had too much to drink that day and fell down.

So, there’s no conspiracy and it was just an accident? Not quite. A well-placed source in The Big Apple tells me that the sidewalk on which Rhodes was strolling was poured by a business called L.G. Hughes Inc.

So what? Well, L.G. Hughes’ parent company is called Botchke Construction. Botchke Construction is a subsidiary of… Halliburton!

Rhodes before being attacked by Halliburton sidewalk:


Artists rendition of how Rhodes may appear after the Halliburton sidewalk’s assassination attempt:


Okay, for the satirically challenged, I made all that up about Halliburton, but I enjoyed reading the conspiracy theories on all the political forums so much that I want to do my part to help them perpetuate.

Author: Doug Powers

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