You Know Pelosi Could Have Given This Kid a Sandwich

Wow, Nancy Pelosi’s really gone overboard on the facelifts, hasn’t she?


By the way, this picture was taking at a meeting between Nancy Pelosi, Dara Wilkerson and her daughter Bethany of Tampa, Fla. According to the A.P., Wilkerson relies on the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) for Bethany’s health coverage. This was of course a photo-op for Pelosi, as President Bush recently vetoed SCHIP legislation.

While viewing this meeting between the millionaire liberal and Wilkerson, I recalled comedian Sam Kinison’s remark about watching a television ad featuring a starving child in Africa. Said Kinison, “I watched this video and thought to myself; how cruel, how sad… because you know the film crew could have given this kid a sandwich.”

Author: Doug Powers

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