Zombietime Hits the Tri-Imperfecta, Hillary Possibly Selling Her Soul… Again

Our camera-wielding friend Zombie, who always takes a ton of great pictures at liberal events in California (pardon the redundancy) has struck again.

This time Zombie went to three different presidential campaign rallies in the same day: Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and third partier Frank Moore. See the results here.

Frank Moore apparently won at least one vote by calling for socialized dental care. Obama’s people appear to be the most normal, but that’s like being “the least wet fish in the ocean.”

But something struck me as creepy about one photo of Hillary.

Stay with me for a second, because it gets surreal — which is perfect when discussing a woman who believes we can all get everything for free while producing little or nothing.

The life of bluesman Robert Johnson contains a bit of folklore. As the story goes, Johnson got so good at playing guitar so quickly that those who knew him said he must have sold his soul to the devil, known as “Ol’ Scratch,” at the crossroads, in return for blues guitar virtuosity.

A similar story is told in the 1986 movie “Crossroads.” In the film, the soul purchasing devil Scratch, played by Robert Judd, tries to gain the soul of guitarist Eugene Martone, played by Ralph Macchio. I couldn’t find any pictures from the movie featuring Judd, but in the photo below I’ve circled somebody in the crowd who appears to be Ol’ Scratch working his magic on Hillary.

Hillary’s sold her soul… again! Well, I guess that would be more of a “Hades refinance” really. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. If she starts playing guitar, I’m outta here:


When you think about it, it’s the only real explanation for making $100,000 in cattle futures on an initial investment of one Chuck E. Cheese game token.

Also be sure to visit Zombie’s gallery of truly unflattering Hillary photos.

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Author: Doug Powers

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