Larry Craig Taps Campaign Funds to Foot the Bill to Revive Stalled Career

First off, to answer your question, yes, I’m going for the world record for the most overt volume of innuendo in one blog title.

Secondly, if you donated money to Larry Craig’s campaign, your hard-earned cash is being almost literally flushed down the drain to defend the porcelain skinned senator:

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) has used $23,000 in campaign funds to pay the top Washington ethics lawyer, Stan Brand, who is fighting his case before the Senate ethics committee, according to Craig’s latest filing with the Federal Election Commission.

We should rest easy in the knowledge that the pillars of integrity in the senate, who, figuratively speaking, spend their lives in stalls tapping in code, will sort out all these ethics problems.

This incident is so famous that if you ever find yourself at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Int’l Airport, I highly recommend the self-guided “Legacy of Larry” tour:


Author: Doug Powers

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