Cave-Dwelling Hotness: Neanderthal Redheads

As a former redhead, the following story piqued my interest while also providing an explanation as to why my knuckles drag on the ground when I walk.

From Fox News:

Like bringing to life a naked mannequin, scientists are using genetic and physical evidence found in fossils to clothe the skeletal remains of our closest hominid relatives, the Neanderthals.

More and more, they seem familiar.

Bones from two Neanderthals yielded valuable genetic information that adds red hair, light skin and perhaps some freckling to our extinct relatives.

The results, detailed online Thursday by the journal Science, suggest that at least 1 percent of Neanderthals were redheads.

Using the aforementioned methods, scientists have created a model of the redhead Neanderthal:


Anthropologists were shocked to discover Neanderthals carried prop bags

Author: Doug Powers

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