Halloween House of Horowitz

David Horowitz has a peculiar talent: He can make a good point without having to say a word.

Attempting to speak at Emory University on “Islamofascism Awareness Week,” Horowitz was confronted by followers of Islam and assorted leftists who were so determined to prove to the world that they are sick and tired of being stereotyped as opponents of the right to free speech. They did this by booing until Horowitz couldn’t continue with his speech.

I love the smell of paradox in the morning.

Photos and video from the counter-demonstration of tolerance, peace and respect can be seen here.


Dale said this in the comments section and I thought it was worth putting on the main page: “What I find funny about this is a month ago some guy interupted John Kerry’s speech and got tased, these people make a scene at Horowitz’ speech and are made out to be 1st amendment heros. I guess freedom of speech is only for leftist idiots.”

Author: Doug Powers

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