Atheists Plagiarize Ampersand, Won't Stand Silent for Free Thought

There’s atheist news coming out our ever-evolving ears this morning.

First, unbeknownst to me, the Atheist movement in America has been looking for its own version of the Christian fish symbol. The obvious answer would be to just have that fish crawling out of the water onto the beach, but instead they found their symbol just above the number “2” on their computer keyboard.

Here it is:


“Yes, it’s the new Chevy Atheist! Prove to everybody on the highway that a big pile of bolts, scrap metal and wiring just happened to evolve into a car in style with the Chevy Atheist! (price doesn’t include tax, title and no destination)”

And for the people in story #2 this morning, we need to alter the “A” symbol slightly so it’s followed by “-hole.”

From ABC News:

A 14-year-old girl and her outspoken atheist father filed a federal lawsuit Friday challenging a new Illinois law requiring a brief period of prayer or reflective silence at the start of every school day.

If you do a little research on the Atheist movement, something that is constantly trumpeted is “free thought.” We’re free to believe in God, or free not to. It’s just that if you do, they think you’re an idiot. What kind of respect for “free thought” is that?

Whenever you read about an atheist in the news, what’s it for? Almost every time it’ll be because they’re trying to get somebody to stop doing something, and in the above example, to stop people from even thinking something. “Free thought” my Darwinian ass.

Even silence is considered an imposition of religious dogma in schools? It’s not really about religion though as much as it is about control, and it has a cult-like feel to it. Oddly enough, the quest of the radical Atheist has become everything they claim to stand against: a religion practiced in public.

It doesn’t even end with schools. Funerals of veterans are even targets of the terminally pesky.

Activist atheists, like Michael Newdow for example — who I once compared to genital herpes and offended somebody vigorously opposed to making jokes about sexually transmitted infections (no, seriously), left to their own devices, would evolve the country into a police state. In other words, they’re not at all bothered by the fact that you’re worshipping a god in school — provided that god is them.

So let’s see… you can’t pray in school. You can’t be silent in school because you might be praying. You can’t even say the Pledge of Allegiance, salute, or even fold an American flag at a veteran’s funeral — a flag that represents the reason we’re free to have thought (which the last time I checked was a main ingredient in this “free thought” Atheists claim to laud). Free thought indeed.

Radical atheism’s “free thought” has become a sociological version of Henry Ford’s “you can have any color you want as long as it’s black.”

By the way, I heard that a band of activist atheists once petitioned CBS to get them to change the title of the show “Touched by an Angel” to “Groped by a Figment of Your Imagination.” I never could confirm that, but hey, it sounds like something Newdow & Company might try.

Author: Doug Powers

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