Monday’s Column: A Third Party for the Conservatives?

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily began back when I saw an interview with Dr. James Dobson in a story about how the “religious right” is discussing the creation of a third party if the Republicans continue to drift away from conservative principles, and therefore, their former base.

Though I share in this frustration, taking a chunk of the base to a third party could have counterproductive, and maybe even disastrous, consequences. What needs to happen is for the Republican Party to be taken back.

Read about it in “Fight for the religious right to GOParty.”

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Update — Lots of email this morning, both pro and con. Here’s a sample of each:

Linda from Oklahoma agrees with my column today:

I’m so glad you wrote that column! I’ve been saying the same thing till I’m blue in the face! I’m so pissed at some of my so-called friends who claim to be conservatives. As far as I’m concerned the worst Republican is better than all the dems put together … Personally I have a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach about what the ’08 elections will bring. I pray I’m wrong.

Me too, especially since Republicans seem to be on the way to helping ensure they lose.

Dan from Mass. has a different opinion:

I am writing to disagree with your stance regarding whether conservatives should leave the Republican Party. For the last 15 years I have had to listen to this talk from what one might call fiscally conservative and socially liberal “independent” friends. These people who consider themselves moderate, are always asking me to abandon my prinicples to support their moderate candidate, however they never seem to be willing to support my candidate and are more than willing to join the voting block for a given democrat should their proclivities dictate.

In other words, conservatives are always the people asked to give up their principles. If I saw that there was equal support from the moderates, I might agree with you. Unfortunately, the moderates are all too quick to say you must be pragmatic, otherwise the other side will win. Why don’t you write to these moderates and tell them that in order to perserve the election, that they should work with their conservative counterparts instead of telling them to be pragmatic.

What is the point of winning the election if the party loses it’s soul?

I’ll answer a question with a question: Why are those conservatives who claim to be concerned about the Republican Party “losing its soul” the very souls that are threatening to get lost? Talk about a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Update II

Another sample from the email-bag — this one from Bill in Iowa who used the subject line “You’ve made the case for how elections are lost”:

Being a grassroots worker here in Iowa I can tell you with absolute certainty Rudy will lose to Hillary by at least 10 pts. Why? Not only because principled conservatives will flat out not vote for him. Of course that is a problem. But what do not understand is how elections are really won and lost; at the grassroots.

Simply stated: Principled conservatives will not work for Rudy. They won’t put up yard signs and place bumper stickers on their cars. They won’t provide rides to the polls. And they will not talk up Rudy at the local coffee shops, or at work, to their moderate and independent friends. But will instead get a glum look of defeat and bitterness on their faces when talking politics. And that is what will kill a Rudy candidacy.

It is truly insidious to coerce Christians to vote for a pro-choice candidate. Truly insidious! And as I just laid out it will not work. So yes, if you have to vote third party for President, then you do. It does not mean abandoning every truly principled Republican candidate. And yes I am sick and tired, and most conservatives are, of being told that they have to vote for somebody just because of party affiliation–or other convoluted reasons

Go ahead and vote for Rudy should he get the nomination. But for me, and millions like me, our consciousness’s will be unburdened by our third party vote.

I’m amazed at the number of Republicans who have pretty much already conceded the nomination to Giuliani. To paraphrase Bill’s subject line, this is how a true conservative nomination is lost.

This must come as fantastic news to the Giuliani people though.

Author: Doug Powers

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