All the “Justice” You Can (Teddy) Bear

Oddly enough, this is Islam’s version of “getting off the hook” — the Middle-East’s answer to the O.J. Simpson murder trial verdict:

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States, backing staunch ally Britain, branded as “outrageous” the jail sentence of a British teacher in Sudan who let pupils call a teddy bear “Mohammed” as part of a class project.

“Obviously, it’s an outrage,” White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said after a judicial source in Sudan said Gillian Gibbons, 54, would be jailed for 15 days for insulting Islam and then deported.

Unless of course Gibbons commits the heinous crime of being raped while in prison, which Sharia law would aggressively address — by stoning her to death.

Otherwise, the sentence could have been worse — as being deported from Sudan is like getting kicked out of the stands at an Oakland Raiders game. In Sudan, however, thousands are calling for Gibbons and her teddy bear of blasphemy to be put to death.

Frankly, I’m more shocked that people haven’t been stoned to death for referring to it as a “Teddy” bear — named of course after Theodore Roosevelt, who once wrote this in an essay:

It is only the warlike power of a civilized people that can give peace to the world. The Arab wrecked the civilization of the Mediterranean coasts, the Turk wrecked the civilization of southeastern Europe, and the Tatar desolated from China to Russia and to Persia, setting back the progress of the world for centuries, solely because the civilized nations opposed to them had lost the great fighting qualities, and, in becoming over peaceful, had lost the power of keeping peace with a strong hand. Their passing away marked the beginning of a period of chaotic barbarian warfare.

Calling it a “teddy” bear should be far more insulting to Islam than naming it Mohammad, but I won’t bring it up until Gibbons is safely out of Sudan, just in case the Sudanese courts haven’t done any research on Theodore Roosevelt.


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Author: Doug Powers

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