A Betty Ford Clinic for Jihadoholics?

The Ministry of the Interior in Saudi Arabia runs a “rehabilitation program” for what CBC News describes as “extremists” — a word that I think is safe to change to its more precise meaning: Terrorists and would-be terrorists.

The “demographic” of the rehab facility is a term that has a “Cub-Scouts-meets-Al Qaeda” ring to it — “junior jihadis.”

How do you go about reforming a Junior Jihadi? Here are a few of the 12-steps:

The rehabilitation program involves art therapy and attending religious education classes, psychological classes and reconnecting with family members.
Al Haer is equipped with what Mardini calls “mating rooms”, for conjugal visits. They are furnished with double beds and comfortable chairs. Prisoners are allowed two 24-hour conjugal visits each month.

Arts, crafts, family connections, free psychological help and 48 hours of sex a month? If this doesn’t make the JJ’s have a new appreciation for us infidels — not to mention Congress — nothing will.

I guarantee you that somewhere in the United States there is, at this very moment, a liberal professor embedded deeply in a university office on some campus working diligently on study that will prove that terrorism isn’t a choice, but rather a disease for which we must have more compassion for the afflicted parties.


Connecting the junior jihadi to positive influences is one of the keys in breaking the terrorism addiction, according to the Saudi Ministry of the Interior. Above we see a junior jihadi being put back on the path of righteousness thanks to the strong bond shared by family

Update: These rehab clinics are popping up too late to save the likes of Benazir Bhutto and at least 20 others. Bhutto assassinated in Pakistan.

Author: Doug Powers

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