Planned Parenthood Puts Up Their Mitts

Planned Parenthood loved Mitt Romney back when he was pro-choice — but now that he’s wooing pro-lifers, PP is honoring Mitt with his own flip-flop clothing line:

Less than a week before the neck-and-neck race to finish first in the Iowa caucuses, Planned Parenthood has launched a line of “multiple choice Mitt” clothing including bibs, baby onesies and T-shirts that blast GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s “flip-flop” on abortion rights.

In a fitting tribute to the mission of Planned Parenthood, if someone orders a bib, onesie or t-shirt from PP, it will arrive sans baby. But don’t worry, staunch pro-choicers, they’ll still look fantastic on those spotted owls, chinchillas and snail darters you’re willing to lay your lives on the line to save in the name of human decency.

Below is a shirt that Romney may want to consider selling in order to reciprocate:


Author: Doug Powers

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