Sir Edmund Hillary Clinton Knew Bhutto Best

Barack Obama’s advisor said the resurgence of Al Qaeda in Pakistan is the result of the US taking their eye off the ball by focusing on Iraq — thus blaming the Benazir Bhutto killing on Bush (as is mandatory), but also on Hillary Clinton. After all, Hillary voted for the Iraq war.

Clinton’s advisor responded by saying that discussing the political implications of the Bhutto assassination so soon was crass. So naturally, Hillary Clinton took the advice of her advisor by going out and talking about her friendship with Bhutto for reasons of political implications.

As Hillary spoke to a volunteer fire department in Denison, Iowa, discussing the time she met with Bhutto, the crowd could almost hear the Harry Nilsson tune “Best friend” — theme song to “Courtship of Eddie’s Father” — playing softly in the background.

At least Hillary stopped short of saying that she was named after Benazir’s father, Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (after all, you can’t spell “Hillary” without using the letters in his name, and by borrowing a “y” from Mary Ann Shadd Cary).

Meanwhile, Hillary, along with John Edwards and Barack Obama, called on Pakistanis to be undeterred in their quest to bring democracy and freedom to their country.

And I sure hope Pakistan heeds that advice — as I’ll need a free and democratic nation to move to in case Clinton, Edwards or Obama are elected and put the U.S. on an even faster track to becoming a socialist hog trough.

Author: Doug Powers

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