Totally Petarded: The Best of the Worst Liberal Quotes From 2007

The gem is in the New York Post today:

For the past 20 years, the Media Research Center has been compiling its list of notable quotables. The quotes, from prominent members of the mainstream news media, provide a clear window into the leftist mindset that pervades most of America’s large news organizations. At the end of the year, the center (helped by a panel of judges) chooses the best examples.

Here’s my personal favorite:

“Do you worry at all that non-believers may feel excluded and diminshed at a time when we’re divided by so much?”

– Katie Couric to “Nativity Story” director Catherine Hardwicke and screenwriter

Is it any wonder that Katie’s CBS Evening News ratings are routinely beaten by a test pattern on channel 672?

Here’s Dan Rather, a runner-up in the “Not biased enough” award category, explaining, in a roundabout way — I think — why he decided to become a comedian:

“Comedians, such as yourself, Jon Stewart and others, are a valuable supplement, and here’s why: Good journalism at its best frequently speaks truth to power. What’s happened with journalists — again, I don’t except myself from this criticism — in some ways we’ve lost our guts. We need a spine transplant. What’s happened is comedians, in their own way, speak truth to power and fill that vacuum that we in journalism have too often left, particularly post 9/11.”

— Dan Rather to Bill Maher on HBO’s Politically Incorrect

And if that fails, just get phony documents and run with it.

Sally Field, a runner-up in the “Barbra Streisand Political IQ Award for Celebrity Vapidity” category thinks she and her sexual ilk should be in complete control of the world:

“Let’s face it: If the mothers ruled the world, there would be no Goddamned wars in the first place.”

— Actress Sally Field at the Emmy awards

Oh, I don’t know about that, Sally. For example, how many wars in history have started simply because someone blasphemed? Besides that, hundreds of powerful women with either synched-up periods or going full-bore through menopause who are ticked off at their lazy husbands for watching too much football while their polished fingers are nervously tapping on the nuclear button — what could possibly go wrong?

The full list of winners, including some of the idiocy that is recorded for posterity, along with a comprehensive list of the runners-up, is here at the Media Research Center’s website.

Incidentally, the article in the Post is entitled “Hoist by their own petard.” How long will it be until one of the vacuous dingbats quoted castigates the Post for using a slur like “petard.”

Author: Doug Powers

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