The Nirenberg Trails: Walk for Bush Impeachment

Yes, on occasion, I choose what to write about based in part on the title possibilities alone — especially on the weekends. This is one of those times.

It might come as a complete shock (/sarc) but this man is from Vermont:

He’s got waterproof, size-11EEEE New Balance sneakers, a bright yellow poncho and a plan. He’s got outrage in his heart, a Web site in his name and much of his retirement savings sunk into his cause.

John Nirenberg, a 60-year-old Ph.D., author and academic, plans to walk from Boston to Washington, D.C., to confront House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in hopes of persuading Congress to take up the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

Do any of these boneheads (such as this Ph.D., author and academic — I love a good redundancy) realize that, in the relative blink of an eye, Bush and Cheney are going to be out of office anyway? At that point, people like this guy, who blew the retirement nest egg to buy a moonbat farm just outside of Oz, can go about blaming Bush for all their financial woes.

In coming years, angry Bush-hating liberals are going to be the early 21st century’s answer to Japanese soldiers on remote South Pacific islands in 1949 who still thought the war was going on.

Who will be the first person in 2009 to hold an “impeach Bush” rally? You know there will be at least one.