Bob Dole Rushes to Defense of Next Bob Dole

Rush Limbaugh is out to deprive Bob Dole of not being the only Republican presidential candidate in the past dozen years to get absolutely thumped by a Democrat in the general election, and Bob Dole isn’t liking it:

Bob Dole, the former Senate Republican leader, wrote an insistent letter to Rush Limbaugh on Monday and suggested that for the good of the party, the conservative talk-show host should stop his strafing of Sen. John McCain.

The “good of the party” is what gave us John McCain as the probable GOP nominee, Mr. Dole.

If “the good of the party” is going to churn out men who are too old, too compromising, too liberal, too connected with Washington and too representative of the problem instead of the solution, then maybe it’s time to start thinking about what’s not “good for the party.”

Author: Doug Powers

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