Super Tuesday Fallout

It’s nearly official — John McCain will be the Democrat that the Republicans believe is best able to defeat the Democrats’ Democrat this November.

John Mellencamp is so impressed with McCain’s success that he’s asked the Arizona Senator to stop playing his songs at McCain rallies. Oh please, Mr. Mellencamp, can we at least play “Teardrops will fall” a few more times?

If there’s any sweet to be culled from the sour on Super Tuesday, it’s that Hillary Clinton won in Massachusetts in spite of home-staters John Kerry and Ted Kennedy endorsing Obama. So much for the powerful magnetic qualities of the silver spoon.

Massachusetts Democrats proved that they can think for themselves, and I congratulate them on being perfectly willing to ignore a socialist who’s endorsed by socialists from their own state in order to give a nod to a completely different socialist.

Author: Doug Powers

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