Bravo Sierra of the Day: McCain and Global Warming

I was reading a piece at the Huffington Post (“It is wise to study the ways of ones adversary”) called “Bill Buckley’s conservatism.”

Much of the column I agreed with, but toward the end I ran across this fallacious gem:

For now, it’s enough to note that Buckley deserves laurels not simply for his elegant flair and tolerant temperament, but also his contempt for radical ideologues on the right — the unhinged types who are now whining that John McCain isn’t conservative enough because he has the temerity to recognize that global warming is actually taking place and needs to be stopped.

This kind of tripe is oft-trumpeted, mostly by liberals who are thrilled that the GOP is about to nominate the weakest possible candidate and become angered when somebody points that out. But as far as the “McCain recognizes that global warming is taking place” thing, I haven’t seen a bigger pile of crap since witnessing a head-on collision between a septic cleaning van and a Port-O-San delivery truck.

John McCain does not believe that man-made climate change is taking place. McCain is constantly saying things like “even if we’re wrong, so what, we’re creating a cleaner world.” Along putting more money in the hands of polticians — which is McCain’s specialty.

As evidence that it’s really only about the government getting their hands on more private sector money, McCain did an interview not long ago with Frank Beckmann on WJR in Detroit.

Beckmann: “It’s (forcing companies to adopt ‘green’ technologies’) going to be costly to Americans, isn’t it?”

McCain: “I know of nothing costly to Americans. As I say, General Electric is makin’ lots of money…”

Yes, and they’ll pass it along to the consumer, Mr. Honorary Democrat. Thanks a lot.

This is the guy who calls himself “conservative.” In actuality, McCain is no different than Bill Clinton, who once told a business owner who expressed concern over high taxes to “just raise your price.”

Here’s a short clip from the WJR radio interview from January. Put on your waders before clicking “play”:

Author: Doug Powers

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