A Little Super Sunday Needed on Super Tuesday

Tomorrow, Super Tuesday, just might be the last chance Republicans have to nominate somebody who might help us avoid a President Hillary Clinton and her “health care enforcement” Gestapo, among other affronts to common sense, reason and freedom.

So far I’m not very encouraged, but then again, I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that the Giants would beat the Patriots yesterday.

Mitt Romney, though recent polls have him pulling even with McCain in California, is down in many other key states. What Romney needs is the equivalent of the Manning to Tyree pass with around a minute to go in the game that put New York in the position to get the winning touchdown.

If you don’t mind enduring a short commercial for Planters Nuts, here’s the football highlight of the year.

Can Romney pull off something similar tomorrow?

If not, roll out the red carpet and hide the good china — Hillary’s coming to town.

Here’s my prediction if McCain ends up running against Hillary: This will be the first time in U.S. history in which the Democrat nominee offers the Republican nominee the spot as her vice-presidential running mate.

In the spirit of bipartisanship and “reaching across party lines,” McCain will accept. Union saved.

Monday’s Column: President Clinton? Been There, Done That, Don’t Do it Again

nullToday’s column at WorldNetDaily is on the potential of a Clinton presidency — again — all while making fun of Hillary’s cackle.

It’s about how Hillary would pick up where Bill left off, but the column is more targeted as a warning to those conservatives I’ve heard who say they’ll vote for Hillary instead of a RINO like John McCain.

Read about it in “Burned by the cackling fire again?”

You can give it a “Digg” here.

Give Berserkely to China or Al Qaeda

The protests in front of the Marine recruitment office in Berkeley, California continue. Here are some pictures of the moonbat tsunami, and a brief explanation as to why the protest has escalated:

The campaign to expel the Marines from Berkeley was given a fresh injection of energy when the Berkeley City Council voted on January 29 to give their official stamp of approval to the protest and even award Code Pink a complimentary dedicated personal parking space for their protest truck directly in front of the Marines’ office. The City Manager was then instructed by the municipal government to send a letter to the Marines, informing them that they are “uninvited and unwelcome intruders” in Berkeley.

If you think about it, there is some reason for us to be angry with the Marines. After all, it’s the very entity that has help give these idiots the freedom to be absolutely misguided morons.

Therefore, I call on the Marines to pull out of Berkeley — “Hippius interruptus” if you will — and vow to never again defend the freedom of those boneheads. Invite in terrorists of all sorts, and anybody else who wishes to do this nation harm, and let them roost with, and ultimately devour, their domestic allies.

Marines, step back and allow Berkeley to realize what real despotism is, and then point and laugh as this collection of campus moss, unemployable losers and mommas boys stampedes to hide behind you once again — the only position from which they’re safe to criticize your existence.

U.S. Marines, disown Berkeley, consider them to have seceded from the United States in favor of our enemies, and move ’em out! The thought of any of you putting your lives on the line in part to defend this sort of vacuous, Nerf-brained behavior makes me ill.


“We support the troops! Bring them home… just not anywhere near me!”

Michael Jackson’s Miracle of Science

The Daily Mail has a rather funny intro to a story containing some pictures of Michael Jackson’s children: It would be pointless trying to judge a family resemblance, given that the man they’re supposed to take after doesn’t even look like himself any more.

That’s not what struck me as odd. What’s weird is that his kids look a little like Jackson after his first few plastic surgeries leading up to the early 90’s. In other words, it would appear he had genetic plastic surgery at the same time his physical appearance was altered.

That’s how you know you have too much money — when you can afford to have nip/tuck on your DNA.

As you can tell, I’m dying to talk about anything but politics this weekend. The McCain thing’s got me a little down. Tomorrow morning, a Super Bowl round-table.

A Vote for Romney is a Vote for Satan!

“VotingForSatan.com” has outed “Christians who have sold out Christ to back Mormon Cult Member, Mitt Romney.”

Jay Sekulow, Ann Coulter, Paul Weyrich, Ralph Reed, Tom Monaghan and others are listed as examples of those who are sacrificing their principles to shake hands with the devil and his merry band of door-to-door proselytizers.

So remember, a vote for Romney is a vote for Satan!

Eh… still better than Hillary, Obama or McCain.

Hillary Goes Nuclear With the MOAC

Hillary unleashed her trademark MOAC (Mother of All Cackles) again, this time at the CNN debate.

For those of you who don’t know, a MOAC isn’t designed as a display of humor recognition and appreciation, but rather as an offensive weapon intended to strike fear into the heart of the questioner, though it usually doesn’t hit the intended mark and ends up being more annoying than anything. In other words, a MOAC is sort of Hillary’s version of a Scud missile.

She does have a point in cackling off this stupid question, however: “If you can’t control your husband now, what will it be like when you’re in the White House?”

We’ve already seen what that’s like. Call Chem-Dry and grab a mop.

So, without further adieu, here’s another very brief clip to put on permanent display in the Hillary Clinton’s Cackle Museum: