Monday Afternoon Nail Biter

If you think your weekend went badly, watch this passenger jet trying to land in very high winds in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday, scraping the left wing on the runway while 131 people on board screamed “Heilig fickin scheisse!”.

Without terrific pilot skill, the Airbus A320 would have become a metaphor for Hillary’s campaign. It subsequently landed on the second go-around:

“I’m Ted Striker, and I approve this message.”


Jesus Endorses Obama

Oh, wait… given all the Obama worship of late, I thought that would be the case — but, surprisingly, it’s the other way around:

Barack Obama yesterday lashed out at political enemies who are spreading false rumors that he’s a closet Muslim as he proclaimed, “I pray to Jesus every night.”

“I am a devout Christian,” he told voters in this key state.

I pray to Jesus every night and try to go to church as much as I can.”

In these late days in the campaign, Jesus is to Barack Obama what Vietnam was to John Kerry.

But in fact, Obama has been going to the same church for 20 years. It’s a church that honored Louis Farrakhan, but still…


The Obama campaign also received the coveted endorsement of Seismo McRichter of the Obesity Rights Now lobby.

Monday’s Column: Politics & Philosophy

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily looks at politicians, mainly the presidential candidates, from a philosophical perspective.

Lao Tzu’s famous quote, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life,” is a good piece of advice, but how would that be altered to accommodate each politician’s philosophy on life?

Give a read to “Give a politician a fish” for the details.

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Have a good Monday all, if such a thing is possible!

Canada’s Nationalized Health Care Comes to the United States


This from Toronto’s “Globe and Mail”:

More than 400 Canadians in the full throes of a heart attack or other cardiac emergency have been sent to the United States because no hospital can provide the lifesaving care they require here.

Most of the heart patients who have been sent south since 2003 typically show up in Ontario hospitals, where they are given clot-busting drugs. If those drugs fail to open their clogged arteries, the scramble to locate angioplasty in the United States begins.

The problem for U.S. citizens is that, once Democrats and liberal Republicans manage to completely destroy our health care system by making it “free,” we won’t have anywhere to go for quality, specialized care.

How many Canadians with clogged arteries will die as a result, eh?

Thanks, caring politicians.

McCain/Freud ’08!

John McCain: “I’m a proud conservative… liberal… Republican.”

Freudian slip, or honest corrective statement?

At any rate, here’s McCain poking the truth with a stick:

Don’t you wish McCain would knock off the “Mr. Rogers teaches kidz conflict avoidance” routine?

“No matter who my opponent is, whether it’s Senator Obama, who I respect greatly, or Senator Clinton, who has my undying admiration — both of my esteemed colleagues are some of the finest individuals ever to walk the hallowed halls of Congress — but if a disagreement arises, which I hope never happens, but if it does, we’re going to use the ‘Debug system’ to solve it…”

Weekend Freakshow, Berkeley Style

ZombieTime has a slew of pictures from the anti-Marines protest in Berkeley that took place several days ago.

Plug your nose and click here.

Fortunately, the palate is cleansed with the sorbet of a few counter-protesters amid what appears to be a pink unemployment line operating a floating meth lab while waiting for the next check from the folks to arrive in the mail.

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