Operation Overbored: Even the Clintons Have Clinton Fatigue

From the “That’s muh story and I’m stickin’ to it” department comes Bill Clinton, who is still trying to get his wife, Sgt. Rock Rodham, awarded a Purple Heart no matter how far he has to stretch the story:

Former President Bill Clinton gave a passionate defense Thursday of his wife’s claim about “landing under sniper fire” — just as the damaging controversy was dying down.

Bill Clinton said the news media treated her like she’d “robbed a bank” and claimed she was experiencing end-of-day fatigue, even though she had made the claim in morning speeches.

Yeah, the media needs to knock it off — the Clintons haven’t robbed anybody in years!

This is getting embarrassing, even by Clinton standards.

Thanks to Diehard Hillary’s Bosnia story, both Clintons can now share the same legacy: “Fire in the hole!” — for very different reasons of course — Hillary for fighting the truth in her Custer-esque campaign, and Bill for his heroic and selfless efforts at The Battle of Little Big Horny.

Author: Doug Powers

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