Follow the Money, Part XXXIV: Why the Pope Supports Amnesty

Pope Benedict XVI is in the United States as part of the ongoing “Apology to Altar Boys World Tour,” but the other part of the visit is to lobby for amnesty for somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 million people who are in the United States illegally.

Why amnesty? Human rights? Nah. Racial equality? Nuh uh. To financially shore up the Catholic church in the U.S.? Bingo!

Pew Research crunches the religious numbers:

Major changes in the makeup of American Catholicism also loom on the horizon. Latinos, who already account for roughly one-in-three adult Catholics overall, may account for an even larger share of U.S. Catholics in the future.

Especially if all the illegals get to stay.

For the Catholic church, when business is Latino — legal or illegal — business is good! Open the floodgates to the U.S., what does the Pope care? It’s not like the Pope’s going to grant amnesty to anybody at the Vatican — just in your back yard.

Rep. Tom Tancredo gave a great speech on the House floor about the Pope’s real motives on amnesty — and surprisingly Tancredo didn’t even get struck by lightning.

Author: Doug Powers

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