Picture of the Week: It’s All About the ‘O’

The picture of the week (so far) is an anomaly in the sense that I don’t actually have the picture to post. If only I had the ability to grab screen shots from the TV. Maybe that’s a good thing, because it was incredibly sophomoric and immature — in other words it was pretty funny.

My wife and I were watching CNN at about 8 p.m. They were carrying Hillary’s victory speech in Kentucky. Clinton’s big campaign theme now, thanks to the Michigan and Florida primary debacles, is “count every vote” — and fortunately for Hillary’s supporters there are still a ton of signs saying this that are left over from Gore’s 2000 run in Florida.

As Hillary was speaking, there was a man several rows behind her with one of those “Count every vote” signs. The words “every” and “vote” were underneath the word “count,” which was in bold lettering.

In front of the man holding the sign, who was visible just over Hillary’s left shoulder, was a woman whose head would occasionally block a small portion of the man’s “Count every vote” sign.

To put it delicately, every now and then, all that was visible behind Hillary was the word “Count” with the “o” blocked out by the woman’s head, leaving only the other four letters.

Bill was nodding, laughing and applauding, so maybe he saw the same thing we did.

Author: Doug Powers

Doug Powers is a writer, editor and commentator covering news of the day from a conservative viewpoint with an occasional shot of irreverence and a chaser of snark. Townhall Media writer/editor. MichelleMalkin.com alum. Bowling novice. Long-suffering Detroit Lions fan. Contact: WriteDoug@Live.com.