McClellan on Olbermann, or Maybe Vice-Versa is More Accurate

Scott McClellan, Bush’s former Press Secretary who just couldn’t believe the horrendous words that were made to come out of his mouth, was on Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” show last night, and you’d have to pop in a DVD of Bambi to see more fawning.

Here are some select transcripts from the interview.

McClellan’s shins must be getting raw from all the leg-humping he’s getting from liberals lately (read the comments at the HuffPo link) — many of whom consider Bush to be Hitler, but somehow manage to find it in their hearts to love one of Der Fuhrer’s ex-employees.

To think that all those people were strung up at Nuremberg when all they would have had to do to redeem themselves and achieve courageous hero status these days would have been to write a book knocking the propaganda they parrotted, sucked up to a few Jewish moguls and then made an appearance on Keith Olbermann’s program.

Timing is everything.

Author: Doug Powers

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