Monday’s Column: Does Somebody Owe Joseph Goebbels an Apology?

Today’s column at WorldNetDaily revolves around the new book by former Bush Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, coupled with the “Bush is Hitler” ravings we’ve heard for years from the Bush haters.

One allegation McClellan makes in the book is that Bush ran a “propaganda campaign” as far as the war is concerned. Since it was McClellan who told us these things day in and day out for his entire tenure as Press Secretary, then this would make him a “minister of propaganda” of sorts.

A few days ago while watching a story about McClellan’s book, I also ran across another silly “Bush is Hitler” comparison. It occurred to me that, if Bush is Hitler, then Scott McClellan is Joseph Goebbels.

Are these valid comparisons? Read “Bush, Hitler and sellout weasels” for the whole story.

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Have a good Monday all, if such a thing is possible.

Email update: Bush not feelin’ the love

Frank from parts unknown just sent me this in reaction to today’s column:

…we should try, convict, and hang all the neoconservative traitors (from Rumsfeld to Frum) who have the blood of thousands on their hands and have installed a virtual police state on the ashes of the Constitution. Then perhaps we can get about the business of tearing down the Welfare/Warfare state and reinstating Constitutional government to the United States.

Does “try, convict and hang” sound like there’s any intention of following through with the “due process” guaranteed by the Bill of Rights?

“We’ll give him a fair trial, then we’ll hang him.”

And can somebody please point to evidence of this “police state” we live in as it pertains to Bush and it’s negative effect on American citizens? Concrete examples please.

There’s far more evidence of the police state that’s been created by Congress, local governments and the courts over the years (income taxes, excessive property taxes, eminent domain, confiscating wealth & property, taking money from legal citizens and giving it to illegal aliens, taking children, food & smoking Nazis, etc.) than there is of anything contained in the Patriot Act.

I wish people would be as upset with those things as they are about Bush’s people snooping in on phone calls placed by suspected terrorists.

Author: Doug Powers

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