Monday’s Column: Hope, Faith and Obama

This week’s column provides evidence that I heard the word “hope” one too many times last week, so I decided to do a brief examination of the words parroted mainly by Barack Obama, but also by many other politicians. Those words are “hope,” “change” and “unity.”

How come politicians tend to use the term “hope” instead of “faith”? There’s a good reason. Give a read to “‘Hope’ is for losers” for the story.

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Early email:

Most letters coming in so far are complimentary, but it’s only just after 11 a.m. and many liberals haven’t gotten out of bed yet, so when they do I’m sure I’ll hear from a few.

Here’s what Mark from Texas wrote:

It’s about time someone examined the mindless dribble coming out of the mouth of Obama. Obama claims now that a college education is a birth-right. I hope the voters understand the concept of rights, since Hussein Obama sure doesn’t.

Yup. My parents and grandparents never received what Obama calls their “birthright” of a college education, and they were still far brighter than the average Obama (or Hillary) voter because they never fell for the snake oil routine. A college degree is not required to recognize a huckster. If anything, if you’re not careful, a college education can rob you of your ability to spot a huckster — which is no accident because many of these institutions are designed by hucksters.

Author: Doug Powers

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