Steyn-Hoist in Canada: ‘Ya Can’t Say Da Anti-Muslim Things, Eh?’

When it comes to free speech, I get a little nervous when I hear about “tribunals” dedicated to “monitoring” this right, because the very act of doing so renders the right of free speech, in an immediate and paradoxical fashion, unfree.

Writer Mark Steyn is going through this in Canada. Pay attention to this one, because as Canada goes, American liberals are just dying (perhaps literally someday) to follow:

The B.C. tribunal has attracted unfavorable attention across North America for its hearings on allegations that a 2006 Maclean’s article by writer Mark Steyn incited hatred against Muslims.

The article, a book excerpt, argued that higher Muslim birth rates mean that Europe and North America will be over-run by followers of the faith and predicted dire consequences for our way of life.

A government “tribunal” on the opinion of a writer? Is this world in trouble, or what?

But let’s not kid ourselves — this is only happening because Steyn picked on the “wrong” group of people. Muslims are the new protected class — the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Politically Correct Eden.

As an interested observer and potential victim of these architects of their own demise, the attempted Steyn muzzling is most troubling.

The maddening insinuation by the leftist government maroons is this: If the likes of Mark Steyn would just shut up, the people he criticizes wouldn’t have to retaliate by killing thousands of innocent people. If the insanity inherent in that thought pattern isn’t enough, then maybe we can at least calm the left down with this one sentence: Really, how many Muslims read Maclean’s?

The Steyn story leads me to one thought: Muslims should put together a hockey team up in Canada. Think about it. Nobody could hit them, check them, call them names, score on them while they’re bowing toward Mecca or anything else. Those players who violate this protection will face a tribunal hell bent on giving violators 10 to 20 years in the penalty box. The Muslim team would be undefeated.

Ah yes, I recall well the famous Muslim netminder Sheikh al Hassan. Sports fans will remember him as the first goalie to wear a mosque.

Sorry. If anybody wonders where I am tomorrow, I’ll probably be facing the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s Free Speech Tribunal.

Author: Doug Powers

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