The Future of Environmentalist Government

“All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach.”

Adolph Hitler

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has been planning what are called “eco towns.” These would be 100,000 homes in five different communities, with the goal of being completely “carbon neutral.”

Sound good? The air will be clean, the birds will be chirping Chopin and all people will be holding hands singing Kum ba Yah while it rains rose petals and chocolate bunnies frolic in the tulip patch. Who could argue with that? As a matter of fact, I’m surprised “eco cities” haven’t been proposed in the United States.

They will be. The radical environmental movement is about absolute political and social control, and peddling lies and extreme propaganda until a brainwashed national cult is born. The radical environmental movement is Stalinism in a biodegradable dress.

Environmentalism and “saving the planet” will be the reasoning behind the creation of the Fourth Reich. Maybe that sounds like an exaggeration, but this is just one sign of the coming totalitarian push in the name of staving off climate change:

Motorists living in Gordon Brown’s futuristic green communities face fines for driving their cars out of town, under radical proposals being drawn up by ministers, The Times has learnt.

Residents of the largely pedestrianised eco-towns may also be expected to park their cars at the outskirts and walk or cycle to their homes, up to ten minutes away.

These are among possible ways being discussed with ministers to meet a government target to cut car use in eco-towns by half. Detailed planning proposals will be published next month, a senior Whitehall official said.

The proposals could include a fee for a permanent car space at the edge of town, charges for driving out at peak congestion times, or penalties for taking a car out of town above a set number of agreed journeys.

So, the future looks exactly like a hippie commune on a maple syrup ranch in Vermont? How nice.

I wouldn’t mind at all if residency in “eco towns” were voluntary, but it won’t stop at voluntary, it won’t only be in Europe, and the control won’t stop at cars. Every aspect of peoples’ lives will be monitored, and all movement restricted. Also, a select few people will make a fortune from it. Remind you of any totalitarian states where the people are dirt poor and the leaders are filthy rich?

But at least we’ll have saved the planet — something we’ll be reminded about five times a day as we’re forced at carbon neutral gunpoint to bow toward Chancellor Gore.

Author: Doug Powers

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