McCain Veep List Down to Two?

My sources told me that their sources told them that Jim Geraghty’s sources at NRO’s “The Corner” told him that their sources in the McCain camp — who are close with sources close to those vetting possible McCain VP choices — that McCain’s list of possible VP’s is down to two people: Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney.

I outlined my problems with Romney in this column from last December, but I do believe he has solid fiscal conservative credentials that are much needed on this ticket — in spite of completely turning me off back when he was challenging Ted Kennedy for his senate seat in ’94.

Pawlenty might be an attractive choice for McCain, who needs to carry states like Minnesota. McCain’s only down by a couple of points to Obama in a state that pretty much qualifies as nothing more than a refrigerated version of California, which isn’t bad for a GOPer. The downside to Pawlenty: He isn’t well-known nationally. The upside to Pawlenty: He isn’t well-known nationally.

If I had to choose between Pawlenty and Romney, I’d pick ::flips coin:: Sarah Palin.

Author: Doug Powers

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