Code Pinko at Monticello

President Bush was giving the annual July 4th speech at Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monticello, and Code Pink, and a few others, were there.

Was there ever a better excuse for the Secret Service to cap one of these idiots than when the one Pinko dustbunny in the video below goes running toward the podium as Bush is speaking?

Update: The loon running toward Bush is Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz, the same nutty bar who not long ago put fake blood on her hands and confronted Condoleezza Rice:


That picture reminds me of something. Seriously though, some of these people need to be hospitalized… for a long time.

There are only about six of these freaks. It just seems like there are more because the same ones keep turning up over and over again. But if they keep running toward the president like that, one day the moonbat herd will be thinned.

(h/t McClatchy Watch and Gateway Pundit)

Google Recognizes July 4th, and Other Signs of the Apocalypse

Hey, maybe there’s hope after all. It’s the 4th of July, and Google, which often completely ignores holidays that have anything to do with the things that are responsible for our freedom, is actually recognizing the 4th in a positive fashion. Don’t tell them though that those fireworks represent tools of war.

I’m shocked. I thought for sure Google would instead instead honor the birthday of Ron Kovic.

If you live long enough, you see everything:


This is surprising, as on June 6th, the anniversary of D-Day, the day the Allies began the final push to save the world from tyranny, Google instead honored the birth of Spanish painter Diego Velasquez. On Memorial Day Google did nothing and used their regular logo.

So what gives? What’s the big deal about the 4th of July for Google? I’ll Google it and get back to you.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July everybody, and let’s not forget what this day is all about.

Update: Satire so real you’re not sure if it’s fake or not: Pacifists Create Non-Violent Alternative to Fireworks

Update II: Jesse Helms, conservative defender of the Constitution (which is why the MSM will spend the next couple of days bashing him), has joined John Adams and Thomas Jefferson by passing away on the 4th of July. Rest in peace, Senator Helms.

God Helps Those Who Yelp Themselves

I’ve prayed at a gas station before, but only after noticing some goober smoking a cigarette at the next pump. Never for this reason:

(CNS News) As the price of oil continues to rise, some are turning to God and prayer for an answer to their financial troubles.

The Pray at the Pump Movement, founded by Rocky Twyman, has been holding prayer vigils at gas stations across the country. On Monday, Twyman decided to take his movement from Exxon and Shell stations straight to the steps of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C., hoping to encourage the oil-rich country to raise the amount of barrels they release each day from 200,000 to 1.2 million.

Praying in front of a gas station for prices to drop is a little like protesting Walmart by picketing in front of Costco. The problem won’t be found at a Sunoco station, or even in Saudi Arabia. The problem is in our government, and that’s where the prayer needs to be directed, along with some major action.

Come on, Christians — God wants you to go to Washington, DC and demand, loudly and often, that Congress free America from oil dependence. Drill here, drill now.

Or the Pray at the Pump people can just keep sitting at a gas praying for a giant hand to come down and flip the sign from $4.19 to $3:16. Good luck with that.


“Dear God. Please make OPEC pump more oil, have the Saudis up their refinement capacity, protect us from the speculators and deny the Chairman of Exxon an excessive retirement package. Amen.”

What Really Ticks Off Libs About Rush Limbaugh

nullAfter it was announced that Rush Limbaugh signed a deal that could bring him approximately $400 million through 2016, everybody knew there would be a stampede of liberals to criticize the deal.

Here are some of those criticisms. For example, Vanity Fair contributing editor Michael Wolff can’t believe the amount of the contract, especially since “the era of conservatism is coming to an end.” If it does come to an end, I highly doubt that void will be filled by Vanity Fair, so just calm down, Mr. Wolff.

Wolff believes the contract is a huge mistake. Isn’t it heart-warming to see so many liberals suddenly concerned with the financial bottom-line of Clear Channel Communications? Who says the left isn’t pro-business?

The reasons for the criticisms are clear. What really ticks off the left about Limbaugh has nothing to do with his political views as much as the fact that he makes so much more money than they do, and they’re actually too economically challenged to figure out why — which is of course why they’re liberals in the first place.

The size of Limbaugh’s audience and his dramatic influence on the debate in this country offers Rush’s critics in the liberal media only stark reminders of how incredibly irrelevant they are. It’s nothing more than penis envy but with microphones.

My envy diagnosis should come as no surprise, since exploiting envy in one form or another has been the inspiration for the entire DNC platform for decades.

Go get ’em, Rush, but watch out. In light of the new contract, the libs in Congress might scrap the “Fairness Doctrine” and instead impose a windfall profits tax on conservative talk hosts. You can take that to the bank — along with the huge paycheck.

Update: Maybe these Dems need to read this ad in Popular Mechanics from 1950: “Do other peoples’ successes make you feel unimportant? Then you need to develop your hidden talents!”

A Holiday Reminder from Dwayne Stomp

Heading quickly into a 4th of July holiday weekend when people tend to get a little crazy, it’s a good time for a “substance abuse awareness” safety reminder.

Here’s a time-honored classic public service announcement in audio only from Dwayne Stomp, lead guitarist for the band Blacktooth, who has some advice that we should — or perhaps shouldn’t — heed this weekend:

Hypocritical Congressional Idiots Du Jour

Not only are many members of Congress hypocrites, but they’re also pretty stupid. Sure, this isn’t exactly “breaking news,” but read on… reported on “anti big oil” members of Congress who nevertheless own oil stock as an investment. Rep. Steve Cohen helps go a long way toward explaining why these morons shouldn’t be allowed to control our money when they can’t even control their own with any degree of non-retardation:

“I always vote against the companies I own,” said Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.). “I don’t give a damn.”

Question of the day: If Cohen doesn’t give a damn about his own money, how much can he possibly care about ours?

Of course, he’s either an idiot, or lying, or worse yet — both. None of the possible options are attractive, if you ask me.

And then there are just plain hucksters, like John Kerry, who explains his oil investment hypocricy away as being something that’s out of his control, because his money is in a “blind trust.”

Excuse me, Senator. You can specifically exclude things from a blind trust, you just can’t specifically include them. In other words, if you’re a “meat is murder” activist, you can have the beef industry excluded from any of your blind holdings. Nice try though, Swifty.

(Off-topic note: Haloscan, the comment mechanism, was down most of the day but it looks like it’s working now)

New York Carriage Horses Going Baldwin

Some things are so deserved that I find this honor very moving, if you’ll pardon the expession:

Alec Baldwin, who would prefer to see carriage horses euthanized than playing their trade in Manhattan, led a recent protest to eliminate the industry. Now he’s in deep doo-doo with the Horse & Carriage Association of New York. Yesterday, the group “honored” him by naming the diapers attached behind the steeds to catch manure “Baldwin Bags.” The “30 Rock” star had no comment.

Hey, if George W. Bush deserves a sewer plant named in his honor, then Baldwin has certainly earned a horse’s crap-sack in his.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Alec Baldwin organization is pleased.


“Alec to Mother Ship. Alec to Mother Ship. Great news… I’ve received yet another accolade!”

Just Because

Yesterday, President Bush was in Arkansas and showed up unexpectedly at the 7th birthday party of a girl named Mabry Meadors.

Here are a couple of photos I ran across that are good reminders of the innocence and curiosity of youth. I guess that’s why I like the pictures so much, especially this election year. No disagreements. No politics. No protest. No controversy. Just a bunch of excited kids (and parents) meeting a president and ending up with some scrapbook photos that will be in their families for generations:



Your Anti-Fox News Rant of the Week

The anti-Fox News rant of the week comes courtesy of Harry Alford, president/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce: Fox News Channel has crossed the racist line

Alford believes that Fox News is a threat to our very freedoms, and as such should be removed from the air by the government before Fox leads us down the road to totalitarianism. I mean, doesn’t Fox know that angering Harry Alford is against the law?

You’d think that CNN, the New York Times, USA Today, CBS, the SF Chronicle, NPR, or PBS would be enough to satisfy liberal appetites. Apparently not.

As for me, it’s not Fox News’ right-wing bias that bothers me, but rather the obsessive anatomical vulgarity disguised as Freudian slips: