Anthrax Scientist Offers a Lesson for All Occasions

The scientist who was about to be arrested for starting the anthrax scare in 2001 but instead killed himself was one in a long line of many participating in a time-honored approach to getting rich — Create a disease or panic, and then sell the remedy:

The suicidal scientist revealed as the likely culprit behind the 2001 anthrax mailings was part of a megamillion-dollar deal to have his own vaccine mass produced in the wake of those biological attacks and the national panic they created.

Bruce Ivins, 62, was the co-owner of a patent on what was seen as a cure to the terrifying threat.

“Global warming” anyone? Ivins may have committed suicide not because he was afraid the FBI was closing in, but rather because Al Gore was about to slap him with a mother of a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

Author: Doug Powers

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