Monday’s Column: Ramos, Compean and a Presidential Pardon

Normally I don’t write in an “activist” fashion, mainly because activists often annoy me. Those who have read my stuff for any length of time know that my main style is to comment on the world around us and poke fun at politicians and celebrities, but today’s column is a little different.

Two border agents named Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean remain in prison for shooting a drug smuggler who was crossing into the United States with over 700 pounds of marijuana. So what happened? The U.S. prosecutor granted full immunity to the drug smuggler to testify against the agents, and now the agents are in prison for the next decade and the smuggler is suing the United States for millions because his civil rights were violated (I had no idea that smuggling drugs into the U.S. was one of our civil rights).

“Pardon season” is coming up — that traditional time at the end of a presidents term where they pardon or commute the sentences of many people who have either paid their debt to society, are imprisoned on questionable grounds, or for sheer political favor. So I’m asking President Bush to take a renewed look at the Ramos and Compean case to make sure a major-league railroading hasn’t occurred, and for as many people as possible to contact the White House and ask him to do so before he leaves office.

Read more in “Bush: Go with integrity, pardon our border agents.”

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Author: Doug Powers

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