Blame Bush Gone Wild II

Yesterday I posted about the New York Times blaming Bush for increasing numbers of crane accidents. Today we have a sequel.

TV networks rejected an over-sexed ad featuring Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein’s fragrance “Secret Obsession.” Networks insisted the ad be re-cut, and even then, they won’t air it until after 9 p.m. — because by then most kids are finished playing in the yard and watching television.

At any rate, here’s the real reason the ad was rejected:

The spot’s creative director, Fabien Baron, angrily blamed President Bush for the censorship: “This country really needs a new president. This country is so messed up… I really can’t believe this is happening.”

This should give the Obama campaign an idea for a new ad: “Barack Obama ’08 — Hope, Change, and Eva Mendes naked on network TV before 9 p.m.”

Author: Doug Powers

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