McCain Helps Expose Naked Truth

Liberals, who often are only appalled by any mention of “family values,” are all of a sudden appalled at John McCain’s seeming lack of “family values” after he said this at the Sturgis rally:

Yesterday evening John McCain took part in the Sturgis Rally 2008 at Buffalo Chip in South Dakota, an annual tribute to veterans. The candidate was so enthused, he told attendees, that he encouraged his wife to participate in the festivities: “I told her with a little luck, she could be the only woman ever to serve as both the first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip.”

The “Miss Buffalo Chip” title goes to the woman who wins what is essentially a topless beauty contest at the Sturgis rally.

Check out this comment and others to this story at the Huffington Post: “This is a very low thing to do to your wife.”

I guess McCain should instead be blown by an intern in the Oval Office, or have run for president and impregnated another woman while his wife battles cancer, and maybe the left could better relate to him.

Otherwise, I don’t know who McCain offended here. As for his wife, what woman would be genuinely appalled and outraged if her husband suggested that she could win a topless beauty contest? That’s not exactly an insult, is it?

The only way it’s insulting is if you are a liberal woman with a husband who would never, ever, suggest that you could win a beauty contest of any sort. Ahem.

Author: Doug Powers

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