Detroit: ‘Get Out Yer Dead!’

Just how bad is Detroit getting? Even the dead people are moving to the ‘burbs:

Detroit’s descent into poverty and crime, and its corresponding population decline, has led to an exodus of both the living and the dead as families move their dearly departed to greener pastures, The Detroit News reported Tuesday.

For every 30 living people to flee Detroit, one dead human being leaves, too, according to statistics obtained by the Detroit News.

Sounds like the **crooks and the City Council (**today’s redundancy is brought to you by Budweiser — The King of Beers!) have run out of live people to rob.

Let’s not forget, we’re talking about a city that’s been the beta test — a Petrie dish in the liberal laboratory if you will — for the experiments of socialist Democrats. To them, the experiment has worked out so well that they’re marketing it nationally.


Author: Doug Powers

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